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ALIGHTcareers’s team

ALIGHTcareers has seven consultants, that are working as either coach, consultant, trainer or all of the above.

Sylvie van den Meerendonk is the founder of ALIGHTcareers. Her mission is to connect people with their life purpose and let them live their lives from self connection. She is the author of the book “Nooit Meer Solliciteren” (Dutch only), and specialises in coaching entrepreneurs.

Sylvia Duijm is a high impact coach/counselor and trainer since 1985. She specialises in life and career matters of people that can be in their own way. She helps them come home to themselves and to love and work from the inside out.

Annemiek Wijnker is an experienced work rehabilitation coach. After a career in ICT, she worked at UWV and in a work rehabilitation role after. She loves flamenco,. and is very sensitive and has a big lust for life. She has an amazing eye for qualities in people.

Stéphane Segatori is a consultant and coach of French descent (and mondo zen facilitator), that developed a hyper effective and inspiring integral workmethod: Practical Collective State. He speaks English and French and has the gift to bring out the best in people in a playful and effortless way.

Sara Kisman is a spontaneous Mastercoach with a lot of depth. She has a solid background as an intermediary at a temping agency and internal corporate coach. She has a gift of inspiring people to take inspired action.

Lotte Jongbloed is an experienced recruiter, that switched to coaching. She is someone that is able to listen so closely to what you are saying, that you yourself hear you better. She is great at sharing the latest trends and trics to land that special job, but even better at guiding people to getting to know themselves more. .

Sanne Höweler is a senior coach with ample corporate experience, and a no nonsense way of working. Her  approach is focused on action and results. She is the perfect accountability and sparring partner to guide to where you want to be.








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