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Career coach Amsterdam

Sara Kisman


Sara Kisman’s highlights

– Majored in Media and Culture (University of Amsterdam)

– Graduated Mastercoach (European Institute)

– 10 years experiences of helping people to find the job that suits them as a recruiter

– Experience corporate coach

– Specialized in life and career questions

I believe that every person has unique talents, and I live to get these out of people. Guiding people in discovering these talents and moreover, to find the power to live according to them.

I started my career in journalism. The beauty of that job for me was that I came into contact with a lot of people. Even more beautiful I found it when I could help them in some way in their life, for example by giving them a voice, or by really listening. This is how I came to train to be a Mastercoach at the European Insitute. The best decision in my life so far. I have applied my coaching skills in corporate coaching job, where I coached people ont the topics of career choices, career advancement, interview skills and gaining confidence (among others).

My strength is to create a safe envirnment, where you can tell your story withiut being judged. In this way, I help help you establish a connection to yourself again. I help you discever what your talents are. Because for sure you have amazing gifts and these gifts are uniquely given to you. I also act as a mirror, to give you more clarity in who you are, and in doing so, getting ahead in your developmental process.

I am most fulfilled when we say goodbye with you fully in your power and confidence, and having signed the contract of the job that suits you.

As a coach I guide people that feel stuck in some way in work or life. I work with different coaching techniques and I adjust my way of working to what serves you most. My style in coaching is open and warm. I continuously strive to develop myself and educate myself, to help me get to my goal of coaching people as well as I can.

Apart from coaching, I love great food, dancing and traveling.

I look forward to meeting you!



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