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UWV Werktfit

We believe that everyone has a place in the world of work where they are most happy, most successful and most valuable. And that this is the job (or business) that people have the biggest chance of obtaining in the quickest way. We feel it as our mission to help people get there. This is our way of making the world an even better place.

Our clients are people that feel they want to more for more than just salary, people that are driven to take their part in our world. Among them are:

  • c-level managers
  • expats
  • people that are burned out (or have burnout type symptoms)
  • people that are highly sensitive (hsp)

We guide people to discover in a deeper way who they are in essence, not only in a conceptual way, but also in a visceral, embodied way. Then we guide them to discovering what their life purpose is and lead them on an adventure of finding out what the most precise expression of that is in a job or new business idea that really, really suits them. Finally we provide the input to help people achieve that.

If you want to learn more about our services, we love to hear from you.



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